Security Door or Safety Screen Locks

In our unique climate here in Australia we have the four seasons in one day and the extreme weather that goes along with it. We also have the four seasons of some pretty awful criminals that would like to take what you have in your home. But we also like to have some of the best screen doors that can secure our valuables. From aluminium to steel framed doors there is something to suit everyone’s budget. But that’s not what i want to talk about. The lock that secures the door to the frame when you lock it with a key, now that’s the meat in the sandwich! From the best and well known Whitco Tasman MK2 or MK3 locks which has added triple locking capability when the door is built. There are different brands out there but generally they fail to cope with Australian conditions or are a cheap knock off of the Whitco brands in which i won’t name here but are also available to the consumer wanting a cheap lock but you get what you pay for! I personally don’t like cheap alternatives as this is making it easier for the criminals to get to your valuables and consequently inside your home in which you have the right to secure.

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