Spare house keys, do you have a set?

Locked out again?!
Well it makes sense that a spare key is what you need, right?
If you don’t have one then its not only the inconvenience of finding a locksmith that is available at a moments notice to help you out, but also has a great price that you can afford. If this is late at night well, its going to cost you possibly hundreds of dollars to get that door open again and without any damage. If you do find a locksmith, available ensure he is qualified and a member of The Locksmiths Guild or the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia which ensures he follows a strict code of ethics keeping you safe also, after all you should be able to trust a locksmith? Right?! You are now beginning to get the idea of how painful this whole situation can be!!

Get a spare key before you need one, have it cut by a Locksmith who knows how do this accurately and give this spare to a trusted person you know. If you don’t trust a person then bury one in the garden!!

Do your local locksmith a favour and lose a key, we need to eat occasionally too!

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