Beware Scammer Locksmiths!

Looks like Melbourne is becoming flooded by cowboys and scammers. There is no such thing as a $25 locksmith that will arrive at your door when your most vulnerable because you’ve locked yourself out. You will be charged a lot more possibly $500+ and your front door locks will be destroyed and your door damaged by these cowboys.

You won’t be given a proper quote up front so you know exactly how much you will be charged. They won’t turn up in a sign written vehicle or wear a uniform of any kind. They will walk up with a piece of wire and a big drill and then start to tell you how difficult your std door lock is and start to make up prices. They won’t have any security licence or ID, they wont even check to see if you are the actual owner or resident of the property. ¬†they won’t be a member of any association like The Masters Locksmiths Association Australasia or The Locksmiths Guild.

It also hurts to think that the ACCC and police licensing division don’t even care that they’re rouges as they say it’s “Buyer Beware” so the onus is on you the buyer. Although these groups have been reported numerous times.

Find a real locksmith who is a member of an association to ensure you won’t get ripped off.

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