New rental home

So you’ve decided to move house, pack up where you are and move to a greener pasture! It’s time to get all your boxes packed, book the removals company, get all your services turned off in the old place and turn on the new ones in your new place. Now your ready to shift into your new rental home. The old lease has finished or soon will be, the new place you’ve cleaned from top to bottom, you’ve done the rental report checklists. So many things to have completed and so little time. The moving day is tomorrow and the excitement or fear of changing places has really set in. It’s now moving day and everything is going fine, nothing seems to be broken or lost and it’s just a question of unpacking it all and arranging the house. You stop to take a breath and shout everyone some fast food out cause everything is still packed. Excited you go to your new pizza place. As you walk out the door and start moving towards the restaurant you have a bad feeling that the keys are still inside the new house! Oh bugger your locked out and after all the stress of moving it’s the last thing you need and the added expense! Time to call a locksmith to get you back inside.

I’ve been to so many customers new homes with the same story. Key is inside, old keys in pocket. Its an old habit that catches you out this time and a good time to have the locks changed so only you and your family or friends have the key. We don’t ever really know who lived in a house or apartment before us so its a simple argument to have the old keys changed out rekey the existing locks and or upgrade the security with deadbolts, deadlatches, window locks, a security alarm and cameras if your budget will allow.

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